• Of Myth and Fantasy
    Genre: Orchestral
    A beautiful piece written by two of our composers featuring live vocals.
  • Epic Espionage
    Genre: Cinematic
    A hybrid orchestral piece with a dramatic climax. Look out for that massive ending!
  • The Future War
    Genre: Cinematic
    A hybrid orchestral piece featuring live cello.
  • Faces of Betrayal
    Genre: Cinematic
    A dramatic tense piece featuring live strings.
  • Pink Slip
    Genre: EDM
    An upbeat tune taken from a popular racing franchise.
  • Lost Spirits
    Genre: Ethnic / Cinematic
    A dramatic piece with live winds.
  • Fastest Wub in the West
    Genre: Dubstep / Childrens
    A cool Dubstep tune with violin and a Western vibe. Listen out for that horse!
  • Catch Me
    Genre: Pop
    An upbeat pop number featuring live vocals.
  • A New Breed
    Genre: Industrial / Cinematic
    An industrial piece with live guitars with a futuristic undertone suitable for an FPS.
  • The Warrior Returns Home
    Genre: Ethnic
    A cool ethnic piece originally created for a popular franchise.
  • Race Menu
    Genre: EDM
    A groove created for a popular racing franchise.
  • Warriors of Past Times
    Genre: Ethnic
    A tense piece created for a popular franchise.
  • Taiko Ensemble
    Genre: Ethnic
    A tense upbeat track featuring live taikos.
  • The Harvest
    Genre: Orchestral
    A light-hearted village tune.
  • Blood Feud
    Genre: Cinematic / Ethnic
    A dark emotional piece with live winds.
  • You're Not Human At All
    Genre: Pop / Vocal
    An original pop number with live vocals.
  • Infinity Jam
    Genre: Electro
    A funky upbeat tune.
  • Afraid of Nothing
    Genre: EDM
    A funky track with Dubstep influences.
  • Adrenaline
    Genre: DnB
    A high-paced tension theme that featured in a PS3/XBox title.